Original Classic Women's
Clothing & Accessories

Designed and Handmade in Canada
by Cheryl Straby.

Shop women’s clothing online or in-store. Proudly designed and made in Perth Ontario since 1987. Strévé Design’s unique clothing and accessory designs are made with the highest quality fabrics and leathers.  



100% Genuine Leather and Suedes in handcrafted, original designs. Dressed up or dressed down but always unique! A truly sustainable item that can be worn for years and in all weather.



100% Silk in gorgeous patterns and colours. Versatile and packs light! Tops, scarves, jackets and shawls. From dressy to casual, these are beautiful wardrobe staples.



Unique statement pieces that can be worn alone, with basic outfits or mixed with other accessories and clothing to create an eclectic look. 100% Genuine Leather and Suedes in strong silhouettes and intricate details.

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Welcome To Strévé
Design Studio & Boutique

Original Classic Women's Clothing & Accessories that make you feel Like the unique woman you are.

Each piece is made sustainably one by one. Great care and attention to detail is given to each piece.

Invest in quality Coats, Capes, Jackets, Dresses, Handbags and Scarves. Specializing in Leather, Silk, Wool, Linen and Shearling. Custom and Made to Measure Service is Available. Believe in quality over quantity. Learn to Love your clothing as you reach for it year after year!

Strévé Events

Strévé Fashion Show

Art Exhibit At Strévé

SHOWCARDKGoetzinger 1 -

New In The Loft Gallery

May 2 - June 20, 2022

Visible Mending By Karen Goetzinger is an art exhibit at Streve design in the Loft Gallery Located at 64 ore St. E., Perth Ontario.

Finding beauty in imperfection is a supposition quickly gaining momentum. It manifests itself in a renewed interest in kintsugi, the Japanese ancient art of repairing broken ceramic and porcelain objects with gold, the densely layered and stitched patchwork called boro, and the desire to mend contemporary clothing rather than throwing it away and buying new. All are methods of visible mending, with simple tools, that intentionally highlight imperfections.